Graduate Studies in English

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh offers a Master of Arts degree in English and a graduate certificate in creative writing.

The Master of Arts in English, a 36-credit English graduate program, is designed to train, develop, and professionalize individuals seeking an advanced degree in English. M.A. students will be expected to complete coursework that deepens and enriches their understanding of literature, linguistics, creative writing, and rhetoric and composition studies. Besides training broadly across the discipline, students will focus their writing and research in a specific area or subject matter in order to fulfill the department’s thesis or non-thesis capstone requirement.

The Department of English strives to offer a diverse assortment of graduate classes each semester, including courses available at times accessible to non-traditional students, as well as summer and hybrid offerings, some of which include online components.

Our central academic objectives include opportunities:

  • To extend the breadth and depth of knowledge about literature, rhetoric, linguistics, and critical theory
  • To engage in spirited analysis of literary texts
  • To participate in active intellectual exchange
  • To enhance skills in both creative and expository writing
  • To foster critical thinking and creative engagement with texts of all kinds [and]
  • To provide an environment of enthusiastic learning focused on language and literature