Fallon Buchholz

Spring 2023  B.A. in English Liberal Arts

Faculty praise for Fallon

Fallon exudes enthusiasm and creativity in every task and interaction. Fallon values others in deeply empathetic ways and has been a treasure to the Writing Center!

Fallon Buchholz is often quiet in class, but I have never doubted their attentiveness and commitment to evaluating what the ideas we encounter have to contribute not just to their understanding of the world but also to making that world a more just place to live. I have often thought, in listening to Fallon in class and in reading their increasingly sharp and sophisticated work, that they have the talent and passion of an activist – and that we need more people with that talent and that passion.

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  1. Adrian Hanrahan

    Fallon, you probably already saw this on your grad poster from the other day, but it bears repeating: You are the MVP of the WC! What I have seen you do in the past few months alone has been immensely helpful to our Center. You are an empathetic coach with fresh, bold ideas and an unparalleled work ethic. You’ve certainly made my job easier! I know that you will thrive following graduation, and I am excited for all the amazing ideas and projects I know you will put out in the future. Best wishes to you!

  2. christine

    I am so proud of the amazing work you have done during your time here–reviewing your essays was truly an honor and getting to know you as a friend was an absolute pleasure 🙂 I will always cherish our time spent debating the merits of both hot dogs and sandwiches (they are not the same!) and observing your own growth as a writer, a coach, and as a person! Your future is so bright that I can, um, see it from here!!


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