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Advanced Writing/Connect

Advanced Writing serves as a capstone to students’ general education experience. The Advanced Writing/Connect program at UW Oshkosh is unified by its emphasis on practicing research methods, reflection, and a recursive writing process in highly interactive, small class settings.

Advanced Writing Course Titles and Numbers 

Common Syllabus

  • English 300
  • English 312
  • Reading List for Unit 1

FAQ for Students

What is English 300?
English 300, Advanced Writing: Connect, is a required writing course that provides you with the opportunity to "connect" and synthesize what you've learned during your first three or four semesters at UW Oshkosh. Students may enroll in English 300 after they've taken Quest 1, Quest 2, and Q uest 3 courses.

What can I expect to read and write in English 300?
A one-semester, three-credit advanced writing course, English 300 requires you to use the three signature questions of UW Oshkosh's University Studies Program as tools for analyzing, researching, and composing arguments about contemporary public issues: How do people understand and engage in community life? How do people understand and create a more sustainable world? and How do people understand and bridge cultural differences? In other words, the course asks you to make "connections" among the liberal arts courses that have been the focus of your early university studies. The course is broken into three units: Unit One will engage you in a broad discussion of the purpose of a liberal arts education through shared readings, discussion, and reflective writing. Unit Two will apply several perspectives to local, national, and/or global issues raised by a shared, book-length class reading. In Unit Three, you will write a researched essay (including works cited) of a minimum of 2,000 words on a significant issue of local, national, or global importance. Your essay will utilize evidence from peer-reviewed primary or secondary sources that engage the multiple lenses of UW Oshkosh's essential learning outcomes: sustainability, civic knowledge, and intercultural knowledge. By the end of the semester, students in all sections of English 300 will compose a minimum of 6,000 words, of which at least 2,500 will be based on sustained analysis of a significant topic or issue.

Are all sections of English 300 the same?
All sections of English 300 follow the same general syllabus and require the same number of graded writing assignments, though readings and the subjects of student research, in Units Two and Three particularly, may vary from one section to another.

How does English 300 fit into the University Studies Program?
English 300 is a course designed to engage you in thinking and writing about the role your University Studies courses have taken in the liberal arts education you are receiving at UW Oshkosh. One of the goals of the course is to help you make connections between those courses and also between course work you take on campus, co-curricular activities, and life in the wider world.

What is English 312?
English 312 is an advanced writing course primarily for transfer students that provides the same learning outcomes (and meets the same requirement) as English 300, but does not expect students entering the course to have engaged the University's Signature Questions or Essential Learning Outcomes in previous course work.

What resources are available to help me in English 300 or English 312?
There are several campus resources you may find helpful (in addition to visits to your Advanced Writing instructor's office, which are encouraged!) Here are a few of them:
• The Writing Center (
• English language tutoring (
• The Reading Study Skills Center (
• The Department of English (

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