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List of 200-Level English Courses

In engaging with great literary and rhetorical works as well as extraordinary works in other media, students in 200-level English courses develop skills of critical reading and writing, dialoguing with professors and peers, and adopting an analytical and culturally literate stance towards the communities to which they belong, whether locally, nationally, or globally.

The following list constitutes all of the 200-level English courses that may possibly be offered. Please note that not all of these courses will be offered in a given semester.

  • 205 Literature from a Global Perspective
  • 210 Classical and Medieval Literature
  • 211 British Literature I
  • 212 British Literature II
  • 213 American Literature I
  • 214 American Literature II
  • 219 African American Literature
  • 220 Native American Literature
  • 221 Asian American Literature
  • 224 Women in Literature
  • 225 Modern British Literature
  • 226 Modern American Literature
  • 227 Modern World Literature
  • 228 Honors: Modern American Literature
  • 229 Honors: African American Literature
  • 231 Literature and Film
  • 238 Introduction to the Literature of India
  • 239 Introduction to Chinese Literature
  • 240 Introduction to Japanese Literature
  • 243 Introduction to Nature Writing
  • 244 Japanese Nature Writing
  • 247 Introduction to Shakespeare

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