Emily Speers

Spring 2023 B.S.E. English Secondary Education. Minor Spanish.

Faculty Praise for Emily

As the daughter of one of our former colleagues, Emily had big shoes to fill. And she lived up to all of our expectations. She challenged all of us in class to question many of our assumptions, but she was always engaging and collegial. And she is masterful in her ability to understand how stories both express and shape the breadth and depth of human experience. 

Emily lives her values of deep care and compassion for others. She worked empathetically with writers while she helped share her own gifts in writing and thinking. She was a deeply valued member of the Writing Center team.

Emily Speers worked as a student writing tutor at the UWO, Fox Cities Writing Center from September 2019 to May 2020.  Emily came to Fox as a force-of-nature and she energized me and the students we helped every day.  As an incoming freshman, Emily contacted me to work at the Fox Cities Writing Center, and while I don’t normally hire first semester students, Emily had a strong recommendation from her high school English teacher, and she provided me with an impressive writing sample.  When we faced the Covid quarantine in March, Emily continued strong as an online tutor.  During her time at Fox, she was an important presence for other students, for me as an instructor, and for the Fox campus.


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