Emilee Wise

Fall 2022 B.S.E. English Secondary Education

Faculty praise for Emilee

Emilee Wise and Little Women are forever wedded in my mind, for Emilee’s scholarship on Louisa May Alcott’s novel embodies all the best qualities of humanistic inquiry. And with her boundless creativity, striking intellect, and finely calibrated moral compass, Emilee herself embodies all the best qualities of the four March sisters. Alcott would be proud.

At the commencement ceremony this past December, Emilee Wise was the student speaker and gave an absolutely wonderful speech that combined the personal and the universal, family life and symbol-rich life of the mind – a speech that culminated in the inspiring exhortation to “Do It Afraid.” Though it was a stunning oration, I was not surprised: having taught Emilee online, in the classroom, and on the streets of Paris, I have witnessed how her presence in a space of learning virtually ensures that the texture of ideas aired in that space will be richer – not just her own ideas, but the ideas of her classmates. She will make a wonderful teacher. 

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