Elizabeth Iribarren

Spring 2023 B.S.E. English Secondary Education

Faculty praise for Elizabeth

Elizabeth Iribarren was a delight to have in my Modern Drama course.  She always had something significant to say about all of the plays we read.

Elizabeth has an unfailing ethical compass that points her toward doing good in the world, and a bright mind to follow through on all her best instincts with wisdom and grace. Wherever she goes, I know she will make us proud with her care and brilliance. Elizabeth, thank you for giving all of your heart and mind to your work here and letting us enjoy your company.

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  1. Adrian Hanrahan

    Elizabeth, you are one of the most friendly, funny, and easy to talk to folks I have met in this program. Your open-mindedness and positivity always made seeing you in class comforting, and I had a ton of fun working on the poetry chalking project with you and Marcel. Your ideas and personality will take you far, and I wish you all the best heading into what I know will be a truly impressive career!

  2. Anonymous

    Sgoody dawg?


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