Dylan Iehl

Spring 2023 B.S.E. English Secondary Education

Faculty praise for Dylan

Intellectual work comes naturally to Dylan; ask him a question, and he almost immediately has an answer full of insightful connections and vivid examples. He can lead any class by brave, honest, and brilliant example, and I was privileged to teach him in two.

I’ve known Dylan as both an advisee and as a student. In both contexts, I’ve continually been impressed by his ambition and wide-ranging intellectual interests. During the fall of 2020—a challenging semester for students and instructors alike due to the novelty of online synchronous courses during the first year of the pandemic—Dylan excelled in my seminar on digital writing. During class discussions, he offered a range of critical and thoughtful responses to our often-dense readings. His contributions and insights helped to make the class a more engaging experience for all of the students. I’m confident that Dylan will be an excellent teacher himself! 

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