Christine Greco

Summer 2023 M.A. in English 

Faculty praise for Christine

Christine Greco brings a spirit of adventure and fun to all thought-pursuits. She is endlessly encouraging and inclusive of all perspectives. Her journey will take her far, and we are better for her stop here at UWO along that path. 

Christine Greco is more than three things, but she is brilliant, creative, and an incredible researcher. The focus of her thesis is a creative blend of literary analysis and cultural and American studies. Through her brilliant, in-depth research, she’s discovered very interesting connections across several time periods and genres of fiction, song, and true crime. It’s been a pleasure and an honor to work with her, and I anticipate more incredible things in her future.

Christine challenges herself while exploring a wide range of topics! I have never seen her be uninterested in whatever we are talking about, and she always seems to find a way to connect it to one of her passions! She is a model of the life-long learner! If she were reading this as an email, I know she would appreciate all my exclamation points!!! I am so glad that I got to have another class with her before she graduated. I wish you all the best for your future! Now back to work on your thesis! 

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  1. Fallon

    Christine, you are a force of joy, empathy, and intelligence. It has been a privilege getting to know you in the Writing Center and African Literature class. Thank you for the immense amount of help throughout the last year. I appreciate your feedback, listening ear, and kind spirit. Best of luck to you!

  2. Adrian Hanrahan

    CHRISTINE!!! Thank you for being a friend, a colleague, a role model, and a victim to my constant MCR-related babble. You bring wit, maturity, and a truly unreal level of intelligence and curiosity to everything you do. My Writing Center shifts with you were always my favorites. Keep in touch even as you become a world-renowned scholar whose books fly off the shelves and whose talks sell out in minutes, okay? (Don’t worry, I’ll badger you whenever Frank releases new music.)

  3. Jennifer Porter

    Hi Christine–I always enjoyed your insight in our Research Methods class & was so excited to meet you in person. My suspicions were correct– you are both insightful & energetic–also fun to be around. I cannot wait to support you at your thesis defense. You will ROCK it!


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