Anna Guenzel

Fall 2022 B.A. English Liberal Arts. Minor Creative Writing.

Faculty praise for Anna

Anna is the author of one of my favourite overheard pre-class statements: “I know I’m not supposed to, but I really do like Heathcliff.” The incongruity of someone like Anna, who exudes such gentle warmth and general cheer, claiming a disposition for one of literature’s most brutal (if magnetic) figures seems to me to get at something I’ve detected in Anna. Her kindness makes her a sensitive, perceptive reader, one who unflinchingly extends her sympathies into the spaces she’s trying to work out and understand. Anna’s attentive, personal noticing will serve her well however she decides to apply her considerable talents.

In senior seminar, Anna found a moving voice in blending her love for farming and her love of poetry. And this joy in making connections showed in the classroom, as well. May the future bring you generous harvests, Anna!

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