Amber Richter

Fall 2022 B.A. English Liberal Arts. Minor Creative Writing.

Faculty praise for Amber

Amber’s natural curiosity makes her astute at finding connections among ideas. She can always be counted on for an interesting example and plenty of enthusiasm.

I looked forward to Amber Richter’s participation in each class – of course for her insights, but also for her generosity of spirit. She’s a genuinely amazing human being with the empathy and imagination that allows her to walk in other people’s shoes.

Amber Richter did heroic work as one of two student editors who kept the Wisconsin Review alive and publishing during the pandemic, when the disruptions to our in-person communities posed unprecedented challenges to Wisconsin’s longest-running literary magazine. Without Amber’s diligent efforts, the Review would no doubt have suffered the only sustained hiatus in its 56-year history. That she took such work on while dealing with the disruptions and anxieties imposed on her own life as a full-time student during COVID is all the more remarkable. Thank you, Amber. 

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