Amanda Rice

Fall 2022 B.A. English Liberal Arts

Faculty praise for Amanda

It was such a joy working with Amanda Rice. She was always engaged and professional. Even her colleagues in class spoke to me about her contributions and insights. 

Amanda has a thoughtful mind that explores on many levels–herself, her society, and her world. She brings strong effort and heart to everything she does.

When I think of Amanda, I imagine her off to my right, sitting in the front row of my classroom, taking careful notes and interacting privately with the flow of ideas. In my experience of her, Amanda was never a particularly talkative classroom citizen, but her attention and engagement was never in question. She is someone who conveys seriousness and sincerity, qualities that make her an essential member of a driven learning community. Her self-deprecating warmth and frankness in casual conversations are a good reminder of why it is that her work demonstrates such depths. 

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