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Financial Aid

What procedures should I follow to apply for financial aid for a degree in Engineering Technology?

The first step is to be accepted for admission by UW Oshkosh. Next, you will want to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by going to and filing online. Be sure to list the UW Oshkosh school code (003920) in your application. The FAFSA results will be sent to the Financial Aid Office, and you will be contacted if more information is needed to complete your aid file.


When should I apply for financial aid?

Check with the Financial Aid Office for the priority date for filing for financial aid.


What types of financial aid are available for students enrolled in the Engineering Technology program?

Financial aid can be divided into several types of assistance. 1. Federal and State Grants 2. Scholarships 3. Loan programs 4. Work study 5. Tuition Reimbursement by employers – contact your Employers Human Resources Office to see if this benefit is available.


What is the total cost for the Engineering Technology program?

The specific costs will depend on whether you have earned credits toward your degree from any previous institutions. Information about estimated yearly cost is located on the Financial Aid and Student Account websites.


Do I need to be full time to receive financial aid?

No, students may receive various types of financial aid at less than full-time enrollment. However, most types of financial aid require a minimum of half-time enrollment (6 credits).


How much financial aid am I eligible for?

Financial aid is based on your expected family contribution (EFC), as determined by the processed FAFSA, the estimated cost of attendance, and your enrollment level. The Financial Aid Office will award you the amount of aid for which you are eligible based on these factors. 


May I take classes at more than one college or university and have the credits count toward my Engineering Technology degree?

You may be able to enroll in courses at two institutions if it fits your educational plan and schedule. You are encouraged to contact your academic advisor if you want to dual enroll at two institutions.


May I receive financial aid at both colleges if I’m dual enrolled?

No. You may receive financial aid from only one institution. The institution from which you will receive your degree will administer financial aid. In many cases, courses from two institutions may be joined together in order to give you the maximum eligibility for financial aid. Contact the Financial Aid Office at the institution you are seeking your degree for more information.


If I can receive aid at one institution but get approved to join courses from two institutions in a semester, how do I pay my bill?

Each institution will bill you for courses taken there and you will be responsible to pay each institution based on their due dates. If you are receiving aid from UW Oshkosh, aid is applied to your UW Oshkosh charges first, and if funds remain after those charges you can use those funds to pay your other institution.

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