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Student Projects

Individual projects are very important components in portfolio of engineering education. Also UW Oshkosh Mechanical Engineering Technology program provides wide opportunities for student’s individual studies. Beside others students can perform their studies in the Teaching and Energy Research Industrial Lab facility. Students can choose a form and subject of individual study, depending on their academic status, interests and planned future carrier path in following areas:

  1. Measurements and data processing. Students can apply their theoretical college knowledge and combine it with learning of operation principles of typical industrial systems in unique laboratory conditions. Such combination provides safe operation of industrial equipment in various conditions with eliminated risk of negative influence on real manufacturing processes.
  2. Research. Students can choose participation in research oriented energy optimization of industrial processes.
  3. Industry. Students can participate in solving of real problems in a local manufacturing sector. Set of various portable meters and loggers, being a significant part of TERIL’s equipment, can be used to enhance students’ studies and analyses.
  4. Design and Construction. Students can participate in design and construction of experimental setups in the TERIL. With a time, when construction work is finished, this segment can be replaced by designing and description of experimental demonstrations and exercises for educational purposes.
  5. Automation and software design. TERIL is equipped with a top-quality control hardware (pressure and temperature sensors, variable speed drives, power meters, control valves, etc), which in combination with advanced software (LabView) allow building advanced control systems in real applications of pumping, compressed air, chilled water or furnace systems.

Department of Engineering and Engineering Technology