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Teaching & Energy Research Industrial Lab

According to the Energy Information Administration, about 80% of electricity in the next 30 years will be generated using traditional techniques. Also, the manufacturing profile and energy consumption structure in industrial plants will not change dramatically over the next three decades. Simultaneously, emerging measurements and control techniques will allow for more sophisticated optimization methods.

To follow actual trends observed in real industrial sector, the Teaching and Energy Research Industrial Lab (TERIL) has been established. A strong connection with the industrial sector is an integrated lab’s activity.

The main core of the TERIL are small-scale experimental units commonly used in a manufacturing sector: pumping system, compressed air, industrial chiller and furnace.

The lab’s infrastructure supports mechanical engineering technology research, classes and labs as an innovative way to provide challenging and applicable engineering technology projects.

The TERIL is a valuable addition to offered courses to enrich students in preparation for professional careers.

Department of Engineering and Engineering Technology