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According to the Energy Information Administration, about 80% of electricity in the next 30 years will be generated using traditional techniques. Also, the manufacturing profile and energy consumption structure in industrial plants will not change dramatically over the next three decades. Simultaneously, emerging measurements and control techniques will allow for more sophisticated optimization methods. Combining these reasons, I decided to focus my research interests on mathematical modeling and optimization of industrial processes. Such research are possible due to a combination of my mathematical/analitycal skills and solid background in fundamentals of mechanical engineering.

Peer-reviewed articles

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Current projects

  1. Self-learning opportunities in pumping station with parallel-configured centrifugal pumps
  2. Influence of geometrical parameters on flameless combustion in industrial processes (patent)
  3. Energy optimization of chilled water system
  4. An integrated energy life-cycle assessment approach for the sustainability on a farm bio-digester system


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  1. Atreya A., Wu O., Violi A., Davis A., Chen Y., Olszewski P., An Autonomous Biomass Reactor to Create Carbon Natural Transportation Fuels and Prevent Forest Fores, MCubed Sympossium 2013, University of Michgan, Ann Arbor, Nov 15, 2013
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