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Engineering Club

The UW Oshkosh Engineering Club (UWO EC) is an additional initiative in the Engineering Technology program, that has been started on March 2015. Through the UWO EC, our students have a chance to visit local industrial plants. In many cases, it will be the first contact for students with the real engineering world. It is also a great opportunity to meet with future prospective employers.

Our Goals

  • To connect UWO students with real industrial sector employers
  • To link the UWO Engineering Technology Program with the local industry
  • To provide UWO students an opportunity for enhancing their professional portfolio by active participation in engineering-oriented initiatives

Benefits for Students

  • Contact with potential future employers (internships, long-term positions and post- graduation opportunities)
  • Applying theoretical college knowledge to real industrial settings
  • Resume development (opportunities to enhance related experiences)


  • UWO Engineering Club meetings are bi-monthly organized during regular semester time (fall and spring)
  • 2 manufacturing plant visits per semester (anticipated)
  • Production processes will be discussed during each plant visit
  • Chosen technical parameters will be measured/logged to generate professional technical report after each visit (as possible)

Department of Engineering and Engineering Technology