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How to identify a suspicious letter or package:

Suspicious packageUse reasonable judgment in identifying suspicious mail. Packages or letters exhibiting characteristics listed below may raise suspicions, particularly if several of the items on the list below are present. Note whether you are familiar with the addressee or the address of sender and whether the addressee was expecting package/letter. If so, verify contents. Also check for:

  • No return address
  • Insufficient postage
  • Return address and postmark are not from same area
  • Wrapped in brown paper with twine
  • Grease-stained or discolored paper
  • Strange odors
  • Foreign mail, air mail or special delivery
  • Restrictive markings, such as confidential, personal, etc.
  • Excessive postage
  • Hand-written or poorly typed addresses
  • Incorrect titles
  • Titles but no names
  • Misspellings of common words
  • Excessive weight
  • Rigid envelope
  • Lopsided or uneven envelope
  • Protruding wires or tinfoil
  • Excessive securing material, such as masking tape, string, etc.
  • Visual distractions

If a suspicious package is received, notify the University Police immediately at 424-1212.

Suspicious mail alert

Download the above Suspicious Mail Alert Tips (PDF).

Emergency Contacts


UWO Police Department: (920) 424-1212
Main University: (920) 424-1234
Risk and Safety: (920) 424-3466
Facilities: (920) 424-3466
Student Health Center: (920) 424-2424
Crisis Hotline: (920) 233-7707