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  • Medical emergencyDo not approach people who have been injured by electrocution or toxic exposure, unless they are clearly away from the hazard.
  • Do not move a seriously injured person, unless they are in an unsafe area. If the victim must be moved, move as a unit, always supporting the head and neck.
  • Do not bend or twist the injured person’s body.
  • Call 911 and report the following information:
    • Location of the emergency.
    • What happened?
    • Number of people injured.
    • Is the injured person conscious?
    • Is the injured person breathing?
    • Is there severe bleeding?
  • After calling 911, stay with the victim until help arrives.
  • Restore or maintain breathing and heartbeat.
  • Stop severe bleeding with direct pressure when possible.
  • Keep victim warm.
  • Follow the instructions of the 911 dispatcher.

Emergency Contacts


UWO Police Department: (920) 424-1212
Main University: (920) 424-1234
Risk and Safety: (920) 424-3466
Facilities: (920) 424-3466
Student Health Center: (920) 424-2424
Crisis Hotline: (920) 233-7707