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DisturbanceIf you are a victim or a witness of a verbally abusive individual or disruptive event:

  • Call personally or have someone else call University Police (424-1212).
  • Identify your name, location and need for assistance. Stay on the phone with the dispatcher and follow any directions given.
  • Stay calm and be supportive to others who may be experiencing verbal abuse.
  • If you can, remove yourself or the targeted staff member to his/her office and lock the door.
  • Attempt to diffuse the situation. Acknowledge anger, but calmly ask the abusive person to leave.
  • If the person still will not leave, advise them that the police have been called and that they must leave immediately.
  • Never endanger yourself needlessly or continue to argue with an abusive person. Call 911 if there is an expression of violence or weapons involved. 

Emergency Contacts


UWO Police Department: (920) 424-1212
Main University: (920) 424-1234
Risk and Safety: (920) 424-3466
Facilities: (920) 424-3466
Student Health Center: (920) 424-2424
Crisis Hotline: (920) 233-7707