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While UW Oshkosh offers an array of services and resources to help ensure the safety of the campus community, we also encourage every individual to take responsibility for his or her own safety.

We offer the following on- and off-campus safety and crime prevention tips:

Personal Safety Tips

  • Program your phone.
    Add the University Police Department (920-424-1212) to your speed dial, favorites and/or contacts.
  • Be assertive.
    Know where you are going and what is happening around you.
  • Walk, jog and ride your bicycle in visible, high-traffic areas.
    Choose a route on or around campus where there is high visibility.
  • Trust your instincts.
    Change your plans or move away from a person/building if something feels wrong. Do what is necessary for you to feel comfortable.
  • Report any suspicious activity.
    Immediately contact the University Police Department at (920) 424-1212 or Oshkosh Police Department at (920) 236-5700.
  • Know the locations of emergency phones on campus.
    These blue light phones provide a direct link to the University Police for students in need of immediate assistance.
  • Do not engage in conversation with unknown individuals.
    This is especially important if threatening language or insults have been used.
  • Take a self-defense class.


Driving and Parking Safety Tips

  • Make sure your car runs well.
  • Never pick up strangers or go with a stranger who offers help.
  • Do not allow another vehicle to force you off of the road.
  • Keep your windows rolled up and possessions out of sight.
  • Keep your car locked when driving and when parked.
  • Park in a well-lighted area.
    Check in and around your car before you get in.
  • Avoid walking alone to and from your car.
  • Be assertive.
    Obtain a description of any person or vehicle if you are ever approached or observe something suspicious.

 Learn more about parking safety on campus.


Bicycle Safety Tips

  • Register your bicycle.
    Submit the make, model and serial number of your bicycle on myUWOportal, and you will receive a registered sticker-style permit to be placed on the bicycle.
  • Use the bicycle lanes.
    These lanes are located along Algoma Boulevard and High Avenue.
  • Use a case-hardened “U” lock.
    Cable locks are easily cut. If you use a regular padlock, purchase one with a 7/16″ shank (the largest size that will fit on campus bike racks).
  • Lock your bicycle in a well-lit area where it can be seen.
  • Lock parts attached with quick-release mechanisms.

Learn more about bicycle theft prevention.


Additional Safety Information

Emergency Contacts


UWO Police Department: (920) 424-1212
Main University: (920) 424-1234
Risk and Safety: (920) 424-3466
Facilities: (920) 424-3466
Student Health Center: (920) 424-2424
Crisis Hotline: (920) 233-7707