Working in Isolation

The Universities of Wisconsin has recognized there are numerous situations where an employee or student may have to work in isolation. Working in Isolation is defined as when a lone individual cannot be seen or heard by another qualified individual, cannot expect a visit from another individual within a reasonable amount of time, and/or where assistance is not available when needed. Universities of Wisconsin Policy 620 establishes procedures and controls that must be in place for work to be done in isolation.  All elements of the policy must be in place for such work to be approved.   


If you have any questions about this policy or the process, please contact the Danielle Juan at  

Step One:

The supervisor or Principle Investigator completes this assessment to identify and then mitigate existing hazards Hazard Assessment Form.

Step Two:

The supervisor or Principle Investigator fills out the Working in Isolation Prior Authorization Form. This signed form and the completed Hazard Assessment Form needs to be emailed to Danielle Juan at