Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

Working in Isolation

Learn UWO’s process and access the needed forms

AED Information

View the locations here

EHS Committee

Read about UWO’s Safety Committee

Fire and Tornado Safety

Read up on the campus emergency procedures

Environmental Protection

Including Waste Disposal

12/15 Passenger Van Info

Info on the Passenger Van Requirements

Workers Compensation

Procedures in the event of an injury at work

Occupational Safety

Prevent accidents and provide a safe environment.

Summer Weather Safety

Tips and Best Practices!

Report a Safety Concern

Use this form to report. Please use UWO Mobile “Chat with UWO PD” for urgent request. all 9-1-1 for any emergencies.

Hazard Waste Pickup

Click here to schedule a pick up!


Look up Safety Data Sheets (SDS) here!