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The Dr. Christmas Radio Show

The Dr. Christmas Radio Show has been acclaimed as the most musically diverse Christmas music radio program heard anywhere.  Every year since 1989, in the week or so before Christmas, UW Oshkosh sociology professor Dr. Gerry Grzyb has become "Dr. Christmas", bringing his astonishing array of holiday music to the airwaves of WRST-FM. Sizeable samples of over 2000 Christmas CDs have been played (there are 8000 in his collection!), with over 100 added each year.  The diversity of the program lies in the fact that there is almost no genre of Christmas music that Dr. Christmas won't play (the one major exception being children's music since it is obviously made for a much younger audience).  Dr. C. likes it all and plays it all, and the playlists (see below) provide ample evidence of that.

"What a great play list! I love the diversity you have there! Thanks for reaching out and making me aware of this absolute gem you've birthed in Wisconsin! I'm a bit miffed that it took me this long to find it . . ."

John Mulder, MD, FAAHPM Vice President of Medical Services Faith Hospice Grand Rapids, MI


Here's what you'll find using the navigation on the left:

  • Playlist - At first only the most recent will be here, but eventually these will stretch back to 1993 (the four years before that are lost to the ether).
  • The Show - how it came to be, and the honors bestowed upon it.
  • Recordings Received - A comprehensive list of the CDs received each year.
  • Reviews - Since 1994, Dr. Christmas has also written a massive column of short Christmas CD reviews for the Post Crescent (Appleton, WI), at 75000, the largest circulation paper in northeast Wisconsin.  Currently only a select few CDs appear in the print version of the column, which is limited to about 1000 words or less, but a much bigger column (in 2011, nearly 9000 words) appears on the PC's website.  In recent years, the web version had hyperlinks to the musician or label websites of almost all of the CDs reviewed.  Eventually all of the available reviews will be here.
  • Related Links - Assorted cool links that Dr. Christmas likes.
  • About Dr. Christmas - the story of the man who went looking for the perfect Christmas record, and never stopped.
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