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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Employee resources and involvement opportunities

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Equal Opportunity, Equity & Affirmative Action (EOEAA)

The EOEAA office provides services to ensure ensure that all members of the UWO community are able to engage in academic pursuits, obtain and maintain employment, and utilize university services without experiencing discrimination.

Campus Accessibility & Accommodations

Managing Unconscious Bias 

Recruiting Diversity

Educational Resources for Instructors

View this page to learn about a variety of available materials for teaching about diversity, equity and inclusion.

Training Opportunities

The Office of Equal Opportunity, Equity & Affirmative Action also offers training and leadership development opportunities for both UW Oshkosh employees and applicable student-workers.

Community Spotlights

Inclusive Excellence Award

The Inclusive Excellence Award is to emphasize the critical role that inclusivity and equity plays across the three UW Oshkosh campuses. This award recognizes a professional staff member, non-instructional academic staff member, instructional academic staff member, or faculty member who has made a difference in the campus community related to Inclusive Excellence.

Recipients of the Inclusive Excellence Award

2021: John Dobyns
Trained as an arachnologist at UW Oshkosh, John Dobyns became a decorated science teacher at the secondary level before returning to his alma mater to co-direct the Cooperative Academic Partnership Program and teach occasionally on campus. During Dobyns’ tenure, CAPP has grown and UW Oshkosh’s sphere of influence has expanded beyond the Fox Valley to throughout Wisconsin and into northern Illinois to help thousands of families (and this University) reap the rewards of increased access to concurrent enrollment. Dobyns fully recognizes this award is a programmatic and University award as CAPP relies on all members of the campus community for its continued growth evolution.

2020: Mai Khou Xiong


LGBTQ+ Ally Award

The LGBTQ+ Ally Award seeks to recognize and acknowledge the importance of demonstrated and consistent commitment to the LGBTQIA+ campus community, as well as the LGBTQIA+ community at large, shown through a caring individual’s thoughtful and responsive actions – whether planned or spontaneous – that result in improved understanding of the rights and status of LGBTQIA+ individuals or enhanced participation by LGBTQIA+ individuals in the full array of community life, whether on campus or at large. Examples of significant actions that will be considered for this award include providing exceptional leadership that creates and sustains open and affirming environments for individuals of diverse sexual orientation and gender identity or developing a significant project, program, or service that addresses the needs of LGBTQIA+ students, faculty, or staff based on best practices.

Recipients of the LGBTQ+ Ally Award

2021: Thomas Fischer
Thomas Fischer is a trainer in the SAFE program, which is aimed at making UW Oshkosh a safer and more welcoming place for the LGBTQ+ community. He is on the Ally March Committee and the LGBTQ+ Education and Advocacy Council. He is a professor in the special and early childhood education department, where he teaches behavior management and American Sign Language classes. He also is a certified trainer in youth mental health first aid and nonviolent crisis prevention intervention.

2020: Alicia Johnson

2019: Paisley Harris

2018: Missy Burgess

2017: Jean Kwaterski


Queer and Trans Faculty/Staff Award:

The Queer and Trans Faculty/Staff Award seeks to recognize outstanding achievement as evidenced by performance that consistently and substantially has resulted in important and significant impact for queer students, faculty, or staff at UW Oshkosh, has significantly enhanced queer communities at UW Oshkosh and/or in the greater community, has significantly created a more LGBTQIA+-friendly campus climate, has significantly increased student understanding of queer communities and of contributions to knowledge made by queer individuals, and/or has made a significant contribution to queer knowledge and culture. Examples of significant work that will be considered for this award include shaping the work or mission of a department, unit, or university committee to serve the needs of queer and trans students, faculty, or staff on campus, mentoring queer students to succeed both academically and civically, researching best practices for serving queer individuals and implements these practices to make change on the UW Oshkosh campus or the greater community, and significantly revising courses taught to infuse LGBTQ+ content throughout the semester’s course of study.

Recipients of the Queer & Trans Faculty/Staff Award:

2021: Samantha Larson
Sam Larson is an activist-scholar who incorporates race, class, gender and LGBTQ+ equity into every facet of her research, teaching and service. In her first four years at UWO, she has co-chaired the College of Letters and Science Equity, Diversity and Inclusive (EDI) Climate Committee, developed an EDI strategic plan for the MPA program, infused LGBTQ+ topics into the curriculum and advanced queer and trans visibility in her field through numerous presentations and publications, such as Actions for Queering Public Administration. Larson is most grateful for the opportunity to mentor, serve and learn from her LGBTQ+ students and colleagues at UWO.

2020: James Krueger

2019: Rich Marshall

2018: Amney Harper

2017: Liz Cannon


Get Involved


Workplace DEI Advisory Council
The Workplace DEI Advisory Council brings together members of the campus community to have open and honest conversations on how to build a more diverse and inclusive workplace. The Workplace DEI Advisory Council will guide the campus to create a respectful and inclusive working community in which individuals appreciate their uniqueness, understand their differences, and find common purpose.

American Disabilities Act Advisory Committee
The charge of the ADA Advisory Committee is to evaluate existing programs, investigate unmet needs, and make recommendations to the Coordinator of Services to Students with Disabilities and the administration of the University in accordance with Board of Regents’ policy 96-6 (non-discrimination on basis of disability). For more information on how to become involved contact the Accessibility Coordinator in the Dean of Students Office.

Gender Equity Council
The Gender Equity Council advocates for the needs of all genders. In consultation with the Chancellor and in collaboration with other campus groups, the Council will identify, address, and end all forms of gender inequity at UW Oshkosh. 

Academic Programs 

African American Studies Program (Minor)
American Sign Language and Deaf Culture (Certificate)
Educational Leadership and Policy – Leadership for Social Justice (Graduate Certificate)
Global Scholar Program (currently transitioning to a certificate)
Hmong Studies (Certificate)
Indigenous Studies (Certificate)
International Studies Program (Major/Minor)
Latino/a/x Studies – Forthcoming by 2022
LGBTQ+ Studies (Certificate)
McNair Scholars Program
Religious Studies Program (Major/Minor)
Social Justice Program (Minor)
Sociology – Social Equity and Diversity (Certificate)
Women’s and Gender Studies

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