Pepsi Fund Request

  • The Pepsi Programming Allocation Fund is specifically designed to assist recognized student organizations with funding events which will enhance student life. Such events may include student leadership conferences, training and educational opportunities, and social events. Allocations are also available for groups to purchase specialty items, such as t-shirts, frisbees, can coolers, etc., that will help promote an organization’s purpose and visibility. Requests for funds need to meet the following criteria:
    1. Provide a description and purpose of the event or activity for which funding is being requested.
    2. Preference is given to events held in Reeve Memorial Union.
    3. Special consideration is given to events and activities that occur on evenings and weekends serving as an alternative to alcohol events.
    4. For specialty item requests, include item descriptions and their purpose.
    5. Give an itemized list of expected expenses based on actual quotes.
    6. Fundraising events will not be supported.
    7. Organizations should first request funding from other sources such as Student Allocations. If the student organization has received funding from other sources for an event or activity, the amount received must be provided on the proposal form and the purpose for additional funding clearly identified.
    Requests should be made at least 3 weeks in advance of the proposed event. Late requests or incomplete information may adversely affect funding.
  • Event Proposal Information

  • Please provide an itemized list of expenses based on actual quotes.
  • I acknowledge that in following Pepsi Fund Allocation policy, requests made within three weeks in advance of my event may adversely affect funding and the committee's ability to consider my proposal. Select the checkbox below to agree.