Best Laid Plans

Jason SchiltzJason Schiltz, 38, is a Bachelor’s of Liberal Studies Organizational Administration student from Appleton, Wis. Schiltz was inspired to go back to college in 2009 by his wife, who also completed a Bachelor’s of Liberal Studies in Organizational Administration from UW Oshkosh. Schiltz said he also hopes to motivate his three young children to continue their education.

Things do not always go as we plan. Things change. Life happens. One day we are at the top and the next at the bottom. One day we have the perfect plan, the next day we are back at the drawing board. We have to adapt to life, bend, go with the flow, and move out of the way of things, entirely.

Perhaps Robert Burns said it best in his 1785 poem, “To a Mouse,” on turning her up in her nest with the plough, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.” Even the best plans change or fall apart.

It was 2009 when I began attending UW Oshkosh through the CNL program. I began working on my Organizational Administration degree as a half-time student.

My first class, Managing People in the Workplace, was a hybrid course, so I attended class at UW Fox Valley once a week. It was a fateful first class…I began attending school to ‘move up’ in the company which I had been loyal to for over ten years.

I left the aforementioned company about two years after returning to school. I received a rather lucrative offer from another firm, and I could not refuse the opportunity. The company hired me for my experience, expertise, and my continuing education, but things do not always go the way we plan, hope or think.

It was Friday morning (11:58 to be exact), and I was preparing to go to lunch when my phone rang. The call came from Human Resources. After three months and a brief discussion with HR, I found I was not a good fit for the company I left a 13-year career for.

I spent a few months looking for a new job…trying to avoid similar lines of work that led to my unemployment. With the help of a friend and mentor, I was able to narrow down what I enjoyed, and was truly passionate about in my previous careers: helping, training and teaching.

I then thought back to all the help and guidance I received from the LLCE adult student resources team, my academic adviser and career services, and decided, “This is what I want to do.”

I want to help people that find themselves in situations similar to mine. I want to help people find their passion, find what they want to do, and teach them how to do it. With the support of my wife (and financial aid), I decided to go back to school full-time on-campus, further accelerate my education and begin the pursuit of a career in adult education.  This was my plan…

Jason Schiltz

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