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Student Advocacy

The Dean of Students Office strives to provide advocacy for students in need.  Below are examples of that service to students:


Advocacy Meetings

  • If you are encountering a problem and you are not sure where to turn, that means you should come to the Dean of Students Office.  Whether it is an issue in a class or a problem with your landlord, we can help with support and advocacy.


Student Care Team

  • The Student Care Team (SCT) is a network focused on prevention and early intervention for students who are experiencing distress.  SCT meets on a weekly basis to coordinated care for students and provide the assistance necessary to ensure that they are both personally and academically successful.
  • The SCT is chaired by Art Munin, Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students.


Title IX

  • The Dean of Students Offices manages student accommodations (i.e. change in class schedule, residence hall move, no contact directive) relating to Title IX complaints, investigations, or other related instances involving sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.  The following Dean of Students Office staff members serve as Deputy Title IX Coordinators for UW Oshkosh:
    • Buzz Bares
    • Art Munin
    • John Palmer


Bias Incident Report

  • The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is committed to fostering an inclusive environment where every member of our community is respected and valued. Whenever an instance of bias occurs we encourage the filing of this report so that the situation can be addressed.  If you choose to share your name, a UW Oshkosh staff member will follow up with you within one business day.


Late Withdrawal/Late Drop from Coursework

  • Refunds for drops/withdrawals
  • If a severe circumstance impedes a student’s ability to be academically successful, the Dean of Students Office processes Late Withdrawal/Late Drop coursework requests based on the following reasons:
  • Medical emergency
  • Family emergency
  • Mental health emergency or problem
  • A severe personal problem or situation that has resulted in counseling or other professional services received prior to submission of appeal
  • The directions to complete the process along with the form can be found here.


Out of Class Letters

  • When a student misses class due to a personal or medical circumstance, the Dean of Students Office sends faculty an email notifying them of the absence.  The student must then follow up with each faculty member to complete any academic work that was missed.
  • Absences can only be excused if sufficient documentation is provided (i.e. doctor note, obituary).
  • UW Oshkosh Attendance Policy
  • To request an Out of Class Letter, please email your request to:


Hungry?  We're Here to Help!

  • Food Pantry:  Food insecure (low in funds and in need of food)
  • Supplies Closet:  In need (those low in funds and in need of everyday necessities, i.e. shampoo, deodorant, razors, toothbrush, etc.)


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