Student Care Team

The Student Care Team (SCT) is a collaborative group that is responsible for coordinating care for students at UW Oshkosh. The charge of the SCT is to:

  • Foster a culture of care
  • Ensure the well-being of all students and the community
  • Provide resources to faculty, staff, students, and family members
  • Track trends and provide proactive developmental opportunities for faculty, staff, and students
  • Respond to critical incidents
  • Provide support to victims of violence and/or crime

The overarching philosophy of the Student Care Team is that all students can benefit from coordinated care. If you are concerned about a student call the Dean of Students Office at (920) 424-3100 for assistance.

Crisis Situations

Urgent concerns that warrant immediate intervention include:

  • Suicide risk
  • Loss of control
  • Possibility of harming/hurting oneself or someone else
  • Sexual assault
  • Physical assault
  • Recent death of friend or family member
  • Out of touch with reality

In such instances please contact the appropriate resource listed below


  • 911
  • 920-424-1212 (University Police)

Counseling Center

  • 920-424-2061

24-Hour Crisis Hotline

  • 920-233-7707 (Winnebago County)
  • 1-800-273-TALK (National Network)

Dean of Students Office

  • 920-424-3100
Students of Concern

There are many potential signs that indicate a student is experiencing distress.  Listed below are some examples:


  • Depression: poor concentration, loss of interest, withdrawal
  • Agitation: anxious, cannot sit still
  • Disorientation: seems ‘out of it’, may exhibit bizarre behavior
  • Suicidal expression, thoughts or threats
  • Alcohol or drug abuse: including coming to class intoxicated


  • Increased irritability, undue aggressive or abrasive behavior
  • Excessive procrastination, poor class attendance, little or no work completed
  • Marked change in personal hygiene
  • Dependency (e.g., the student who hangs around or makes excessive appointments to see you)
  • Alarming or dangerous behaviors

If you are concerned about a student, please do not hesitate to contact the Dean of Students Office.  Our goal is to thoughtfully and holistically advocate and care for our UW Oshkosh students to ensure that they are set up for success.

Online Learning Environments

Those teaching online courses or who are interacting with students electronically can have some unique concerns. Here is information specific to this environment:

First, Don’t Worry Alone

Instructors should always have a low threshold to picking up the phone to call the Counseling Center staff (920) 424-2061 or Dean of Students Office (920) 424-2061. Regardless of which office you call, we will consult with each other or refer the instructor to the other office depending upon who can best meet the need.

In Case of Emergency, Get Others Involved

What constitutes an emergency and what action should be taken?

  • If a student is speaking/writing about a plan or intention to harm self or others or writing at length about wanting to die, this should prompt an immediate call to the Dean of Students Office.
  • If you believe that the student’s safety or the safety of others is at immediate risk, call the University Police (920) 424-1212 or 911.

It is appropriate to provide police with the students contact information as well as all relevant information under these circumstances. University Police, pursuant to a call regarding the safety and security of a student, will assess the information and determine appropriate actions to take in order to check on the welfare of that student.

Actions may include, but are not limited to:

  • personal contact
  • phone contact
  • contact with family and friends
  • use of outside agencies to facilitate these contacts

Dean of Students 

(920) 424-3100
(920) 424-2405

Office Hours
Dempsey Hall 125
7:45 a.m.-4:30 p.m.