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Appeal Process

Students who are denied an accommodation or modification may appeal the decision.

If the accommodation is denied, the Appeal should be reviewed by the Accessibility Coordinator upon receipt of additional documentation.  The student is responsible to provide all documentation to confirm the need for accommodation.  Documentation should include:


  • A description of the disability along with formal diagnosis.
  • A description of the evaluation/diagnostic process used to determine the disability.
  • A description of the functional limitations specific to the individual student as identified through the evaluation/diagnostic process.
  • An outline of recommended accommodations supported by the             evaluation/diagnostic process.


If the student is not satisfied with the second review, an appeal may be forwarded to the Accessibility Advisory Committee.  The Committee is a standing committee of the University consisting of faculty, academic staff, and students.  The Committee makes recommendations on policy and procedure related to individuals with disabilities.  The Committee will meet with the student and review the student’s request for reasonable accommodation.  The Committee’s decision will be final.

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