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Turnitin/GradeMark Possibilities, Options and Settings

Turnitin/GradeMark can be a very useful tool for instructors who require written assignments.

Using Turnitin/GradeMark

Turnitin/Grademark does not have its own section within D2L but is accessed through Dropbox folder submissions.  Its primary use is a tool used for checking submissions against a large database of written works to detect plagiarism.  It is also used as a tool for instructors to read, review, comment, correct, and grade submitted written works.  
Instructors can do the following with GradeMark through D2L's Dropbox:
Instructors can do the following with GradeMark once in Turnitin:
  • View and interpret Originality Reports
  • Digitally correct submissions by manual entries or by using the QuickMark Manager
  • Leave feedback on submissions
  • Use GradeMark's Markup tools 
  • Leave comments in specific areas, per page, or on an entire submission

Available Turnitin Settings When Creating a D2L Dropbox Folder

  • Generate an Originality Report for all students or select individual submissions for an Originality Report
  • Allow students to see Originality Report
  • Check submissions against a variety of written mediums
  • Enable Grammar Check
  • Select the UK or US Dictionary
  • Enable various categories to correct automatically 
  • Allow students' submissions to be added to database of files other submissions are checked against

Other Options

  • View and edit rubrics associated with folder submission
  • View all comments and QuickMarks for a submission
  • View word count, originality statistics, number of comments made, and more
  • Use PeerMark via Turnitin's website
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