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How do I use Turnitin Document Viewer markup tools?

Instructors can digitally mark a submitted assignment with various tools to comment, highlight and correct submitted assignments.

Accessing GradeMark

  1. Once the Turnitin Document Viewer is open, select GradeMark on the top left of the window.  It should be blue once selected.  The right pane will change in the viewer.  

The screen should then change and look similar to the one below:

Turnitin Grademark


If you enabled grammar checking in the options available for creating a dropbox, your screen will look more similar to the one below with the purple marks:


grammar check turnitin



Search Quickmark Templates

  • QuickMark templates are pre-filled commentary corrections that deal with all facets of compositions, including citations, grammar, spelling, formatting, etc.  
  • The top of the right pane in the Turnitin Document Viewer has a search bar that allows you to search for QuickMark templates.  
Quickmark Templates
  1. Start typing a problem (i.e. citation) and a number of options for you to select will appear below.  Moving your cursor over the blue option will show more information at the bottom of the right pane.  
  2. Clicking and holding while moving the QuickMark template to a spot on the paper will allow that template to be seen by the student at that exact location in the paper where the problem arises. 


Bubble Comment

  • To the right of the QuickMark template search bar is a speech bubble icon. Selecting this icon will allow you to make unique comments on the assignment.
Bubble Comment
  • Once a Bubble Comment is created, it will be shown as a speech bubble on the document.  Moving your cursor over the speech bubble will show the comment.
  1. Clicking on any point on the paper will bring up a small window within the document viewer.Add Comment

**For further questions on QuickMarks and QuickMark Sets, see Change QuickMark Set and QuickMark Manager below.

Text Comment

  • The text comment (located to the far right next to the QuickMark template search bar and next to the speech bubble) is similar to the Bubble Comment, except that any comment created with this tool is visible at all times.  However, it cannot be added to any QuickMark set.
Text Comment
  • To delete a Text Comment, move your cursor over the Text Comment and a trash icon will appear above the comment.
    small comment window
  •  Click on the trash icon to delete the comment. 

delete comment

  • To undo a deleted comment, click on Undo on the bottom middle of the left pane of the Turnitin Document Viewer.  It must say "Comment has been deleted Undo" for your comment to be saved. Undo Delete Comment

Change QuickMark Set

  • Under the QuickMark template toolbar, the left side shows a bullet list icon that changes the QuickMark set.  This allows you to change the type of QuickMark templates that will appear below.  
  • Click the bullet list icon to see available sets and select desired set.
Quickmark Templates

QuickMark Manager

  • On the same bar underneath the QuickMark template search bar is a wrench icon to the right called the QuickMark Manager.
  • Clicking on the wrench icon allows you to personalize the QuickMark sets to your own preferences. QuickMark Manager

  1. SETS: The left column shows the pre-programmed sets in Turnitin.  "Creativity" and "Do not add to set" can both be renamed.  Click on a set to see the Marks available in the set.
  2. MARKS: The middle column shows the pre-programmed marks in Turnitin.  Selecting a Mark will change the right column, showing what the Mark means.  A Mark can be added by selecting the plus icon on the top of the column.  The right column will then change, prompting a title and description for the new mark.


  • To highlight a part of the paper, left click and hold your cursor over the desired area.  Let go of the mouse, then left click on the selected portion of the paper.  The selected text should turn yellow, and a comment window should appear within the document viewer.   Add a comment if desired, then click Save.                                   Highlighting - New

*NOTE: The Bubble Comment icon MUST BE SELECTED for this to work! 

Bubble Comment


General Comments

  • On the very bottom of the right pane in the Turnitin Document Viewer is a slightly larger speech bubble icon.  Selecting this allows you to view and/or edit general comments made to the submitted paper. (The image below shows it selected in dark grey.)
General Comments
  • To add or edit a general comment on the paper, select Edit on the lower right corner.  Type comments and select Save.
adding gen comments

Comment List

  • Next to the speech bubble on the bottom of the right pane is an icon that shows three bars.  This is the comment list where you can see all of the comments made on the document. (The image below shows it selected in dark grey.)
Comments List
  • Once comments are applied to a submitted paper, this icon will show a heading for each page the paper contains.  
  • On the right of the page number, there is a numbered bubble that shows how many comments or QuickMarks were added to that particular page. 
  • On the left of the page number is a square to be able to view details of the comments created. 
List of Comments

For any additional questions see Turnitin's What's New Webpage.

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