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How do I update my TurningPoint Receiver

Turning Technologies updated their software in August 2015. In order to collect responses from participants using Responsware on a Mobile device you will need to update your receiver.

Video Tutorials



Written Instructions

Note: Additional Documentation has been distributed by TurningTechnologies.  Click here to access the .pdf instructions.
  1. Insert the TurningPoint Cloud Receiver into a USB drive on your computer.
  2. Launch the existing Cloud Software on the receiver.
  3. Sign into your Turning Account
  4. Click the TurningPoint Cloud logo at the bottom of the page.
    TurningPoint Update Location
  5. A pop-up box will appear.  Click the Check for Updates button
  6. Read the License agreement and if desired, click Accept
  7. An Update pop-up will appear.  Click Install Update.
  8. Continue process to download and install software.
  9. When the software is installed, relaunch the application.
  10. You will see that TurningPoint Cloud now has v 6.2 listed in the lower right corner
    6.2 Update
  11. Complete fields as necessary to login
  12. If prompted to update license, click Yes.
If you encounter any problems, please contact Sarah Bradway (x2324), Evelyn Meuret (x4979) or Jennifer Hendryx (x2210)
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