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How do I edit a rubric in D2L?

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Once a rubric is created, add criterion and levels using these steps.

Video Tutorial 


Changing Criteria names, Level names and Score (points) of levels:

  1. Click on the Levels and Criteria tab.
  2. From the drop down menu on the Criteria heading column, select Edit Criteria Group.Edit Criterion
  3. If desired, change the Criteria heading to another name. (i.e. Presentation, Paper, etc.)
  4. The level names are the column headings that will appear on the rubric (i.e. Proficient, Sufficient, Needs Improvement, etc.)        
  5. The points awarded in each level can be edited as well under the level heading. 
  6. Criterion names are the things which will be assessed. (i.e. Grammar, Relevance, etc.)
    Edit CriterionEdit Page
  7. Click Save. Your rubric should now show the following image.
 Updated Edit

Adding Criteria Guidelines to Each Criteria:

  1. To add guidelines of level expectations, from any of the criteria rows, select the drop down menu and click Edit Criterion.
    Edit Criterion
  2. Click the box or the pencil image next the desired level heading in order to add guidelines for level expectations.  The same can be done for feedback on each of the levels.
    Criterion Edit Boxes
  3. Click Save.

Create a Multi-part Rubric

  • A multi-part rubric appears as two (or more) rubrics within one rubric.
  1. From the Criteria column heading, select the drop down menu and click either "Add Criteria Group Above" or "Add Criteria Group Below", depending on the desired location of the new set of criteria.
    Multipart Edit Criterion
  2.  Create a name for this group of criteria. (i.e. Presentation, Paper, etc.)
  3. Input the desired number of levels and criteria.  An option is to copy from the other rubric already in place, which which automatically give you the same number of criteria boxes and levels to edit.
    Info for multipart
  4. Give the Levels and Criteria names.
    Specifics Adding Criterion Group
  5. Click Save.

Add More Criteria to a Rubric 

  1. From one of the drop down menus of a criteria already created, select either Add Criterion Above or Add Criterion Below. Add one criterion
  2. Create a name for the new criteria.
  3. Input criteria guidelines for the various rubric levels. Adding Criterion
  4. Click Save.

Delete Criteria

  1. Selecting the drop down arrow of the criteria you wish to remove and select: Delete Criterion.
    Delete Criterion

Publish a Rubric (make available to students)

  1. Click on the Properties tab.
  2. From the "Status" drop down menu (under rubric name), select Published.
Publishing Rubric
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