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How do I import grades from an Excel (testing center) file?

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Instructors can import grades into D2L from Scantron files, testing center files, or any excel spreadsheet.

Video Tutorial


Written Instructions

  1.  Open the file you receive from the testing center.
  2. D2L does not need all the data collected by the Testing Center, so the following columns can be deleted.
    1. courseid
    2. last_name
    3. first_name
    4. intial
  3. The remaining column headings will need to be modified to match what D2L is looking for.
    Note: Column headings should be modified exactly as they are written in this tutorial.  Capital letters should be used where indicated and hypens should be in correct places.
    1. studentid should be changed to OrgDefinedID
    2. Grade Item titles should be written the way you would like them to appear in D2L and the words Points Grade should be added.  Example: Quiz1 would become Quiz #1 Points Grade
      Note: if your grade item already exists in the D2L grade book, make sure that the grade item title in the spreadsheet (in this case Quiz #1) is exactly how it appears in D2L gradeebook.
    3. In the final column, add  the heading End-of-Line Indicator.  Add a # symbol in each cell below that heading.  This tells D2L that there is no more data in subsequent cells and it should move to the next line.
    4. The modified spreadsheet should look something like this.
      Sample Testing Center Spreadsheet
  4. Click File --> Save as.  Save the spreadsheet as a .csv.  The instructions for this portion will be different depending on the type of computer you are using.
    1. If on a PC:  Modify the name of the spreadsheet and change the "Save as Type" to Comma Separated Value .csv
      Save as CSV - PC
    2. If on a Mac: Modify the name of the spreadsheet and change the format to Windows Comma Separated (.csv)  Be careful, there are a lot of different types of .csv types available, make sure you are choosing the correct one.
      Save as CSV - Mac
  5. Once the file is saved, go to D2L and click "Grades" from the navigation.
  6. Click the "Import Grades" icon towards the top of the page.
  7. In the the field labeled "Import File" browse for the .csv you just saved and click Next.
    Note: It is usually a good idea to click the checkbox next to "Item Creation" if the D2L gradebook does not recognize the grade item field from your spreadsheet it will create a generic grade item in D2L.  This may save time in the long run.
  8. D2L will take a  minute to process all the students' scores.  When scores have been processed, a list of errors MAY be displayed.  Errors are usually caused when a student has dropped the course or if a student entered a student ID incorrectly.  Make a note of the student ID and double check  the student's status.
    Note: If D2L does not accept the import, double-check the column headings in your .csv, most mistakes occur in this step.
  9. When the process has completely finished you will be returned to the "grades" section of D2L.
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