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What is the difference between "My Home" and "Course Home"?

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In D2L, there are two different main "homes" that a student will see. This demonstrates the differences between the two.

My Home

My Home in D2L is the first page students see when logging in to D2L.  This page can be navigated to at any time from the "My Home" link on the top right of the page.  Below details what tools and resources are available from a student's "My Home" page. 
My Home
  • Displays overall D2L News (not News from specific courses).
  • Displays a list of active courses student is enrolled in.
  • Displays the Student Resources widget.
  • On the top right of the Navigation Bar, students can access both the D2L Calendar and D2L ePortfolio.
  • The very top of the screen shows a black navigation bar (available to see on every page once logged into D2L).  It can bring a student to this My Home page, or individual course sites.  It also displays any new messages alerts, update alerts, or chatter alerts.  Students may also access profile, notification, and account settings by clicking on their name in the top right corner of this bar.  

Course Home

A Course Home page is the main page that a student views when clicking on an active course from My Home.  Below details what tools and resources are available from a student's "My Home" page. 
Course Home
  • Displays Navigation Bar with links to the Course Home, Content, Discussions, Dropbox, Grades, and Other Tools.
  • Displays news posted by the course's instructor.
  • Displays the Bookmark widget for easy navigation to course information.
  • Displays the Calendar widget.
  • Displays the Library Resources widget.
  • Displays the Updates widget. 
D2L FAQ Feedback

If you have a question about D2L which we haven't answered in the Frequently Asked Questions or notice anything that is unclear please let us know and we will review the content.

Please contact d2l [at] uwosh [dot] edu

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