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How to create Intelligent Agents on D2L

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Intelligent Agents are automated emails that send to the students at designated times by the instructor.

Video Instructions 


Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Create a Intelligent Agent

  1. From your course home page; Click the Edit Course tab on your toolbar.
  2. Click Intelligent Agents. (Communication section)
  3. This will take you to a the page that will display all of your created agents from the past.
  4. Assuming you have none, click the blue "New" button.
  5. Enter a name for your new Agent in the (required) name field.
  6. Check the Checkbox to enable your Intelligent Agent.

Step 2: Agent Criteria

  1. Use this section to determine the action that will trigger the email to the student.
    • Login Activity: This section refers to the login activity for the entire D2L system.  You should not need to use this option.
    • Course Activity: This section refers to the login activity for the specific course.  If creating an agent based on course activity, you may need to complete this action.
    • Release Conditions: This is the section that should be used for a variety of other actions pertaining to other areas of the D2L course.  For example, a grade on a quiz, accessing a piece of content, etc. 

Step 3: Agent Action

  1. Agent Repetition: This is the section where you can decide if you want the email to be sent one time, or if you want it to re-send every time they haven't logged into their class for the specified amount of time or other action. Select the radio box accordingly.

  2.  Leave the "HTML" button selected for the Email Format section.
  3. The following text boxes are labeled in accordance to sending out the Intelligent Agent Email
    1. To: In the to section enter in {InitiatingUser} to tell the program to send it to the user email that is breaking the rules you have set.
    2. CC: You could enter your own email into this field if you want to see which students are receiving the emails. 
    3. BCC: Once again you can use this to enter in your own email, and see what students are receiving your emails. The only difference is that the recipients wont see that you have been copied on the email.
    4. Subject: Just enter in the subject of this warning email that you wish to send
    5. Message: Enter in the message you wish to send to the student.
      Note: The content editor for this section includes the ability to add images, video, etc.
  4. Click the "Save and Close" button at the bottom of the page.
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