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How do I use Replace Strings in D2L?

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Replace strings are a way for instructors to personalize communications with students. Instead of having to type pieces of information that is specific to each student, the instructor types in a generic piece of information (Example: Dear First Name). D2L then inserts the specific piece of information for the correct individual (Example: Dear John).

Replace strings can be used throughout D2L and their purpose will change slightly depending on where they are being used.  The example used in this FAQ will be with a News Item, but the same concept will carry through with different tools. 

CAUTION: Not all replace strings work with all tools.  Please see the table at the bottom of this page for a summary.



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Written Instructions

  1. Create a new News Item.
    Note: These instructions will work throughout D2L, the News item is being used strictly as an example. 
  2. Type a headline in the space provided.  In places where a specific piece of information is needed for each student, enter the corresponding replace string. Replace strings must have curly brackets on either side of the generic term. Example: Welcome to {OrgUnitName}!.
  3. In the Content Editor, begin composing your message.  Use replace strings wherever a specific piece of information is needed. Example: {FirstName}, I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to a new semester.  I am really looking forward to learning with you.  
  4. Complete your message.
  5. Click Save
  6. Review the item to make sure the item is functioning properly.

Available Replace Strings

News, Discussion, Dropbox, Grades, etc.

Replace String Example
{OrgName} Oshkosh
{OrgUnitName} Intro to CJ for CJ Majors
{FirstName} John
{LastName}   Smith


Replace strings can not be used in the Content Area in the current version.  It may "appear" as though they work, but they do not.  We are hoping this changes in the near future. 

Intelligent Agents

{OrgName} Oshkosh
{OrgUnitName} Intro to CJ for CJ Majors
{OrgUnitStartDate} August 28, 2013
{OrgUnitEndDate} December 12, 2013
{InitiatingUserFirstName} John
{InitiatingUserLastName} Smith
{InitiatingUserUserName} smithj12
{InitiatingUserOrgDefinedId} 0712345


D2L FAQ Feedback

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Please contact d2l [at] uwosh [dot] edu

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