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How do I use Release Conditions?

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Release conditions allow an item in D2L to become visible only after the student has completed another activity.

Release conditions are found throughout D2L and are extremely versatile.  It is a way to set up an "if this, then that" scenario in a course.  Example: The "Week 1" module is only visible after a "Syllabus Quiz" has been completed.  

Video Tutorial

Written Instructions

Note: Release conditions can be used in a variety of ways.  The instructions below are for releasing a content module when a "Syllabus Quiz" is completed.  The overall process will remain the same no matter where you choose to use the feature.
  1. Create the piece of Content, Quiz, Dropbox, or other D2L item that will need to be completed or accessed in order for the release condition to be satisfied.  Example: Create the Syllabus quiz.
  2. Create or Edit the desired Content Module
  3. Click the "Restrictions" tab.
  4. Click the "Create and Attach" button located under the "Release Conditions" area.
  5. Use the "Condition Type" dropdown to select the appropriate release condition.  Example: Choose "Completed Quiz Attempt" from the dropdown.
  6. A new dropdown field will be available to refine the parameters of the condition, choose the item, required score, etc.  Example: Choose Syllabus quiz.
  7. The release condition will appear in a list below the Release Conditions heading.
    Release conditions complete
    Note: Additional Release conditions can be added, so that students have to complete two or more activities for the desired item to appear.  Just make sure to indicate if the student needs to meet all release conditions or just one.
  8. Click "Save and Close".
  9. Notice that a small icon will now appear next to the module, indicating that there is a release condition on the item.
    Release Conditions Icon

Available Release Conditions

  • Checklist Completion
  • Checklist Item Completion
  • Group Enrollment
  • Org Unit Enrollment
  • Section Enrollment
  • Role in Current Org Unit
  • Date of Enrollment in Current Org Unit

  • Content Topic visited
  • All Content Topics visited


  • Discussion Messages authored in Topic
  • Score on Associated Rubric


  • Submission to Dropbox
  • Receive Feedback on Dropbox Folder
  • Score on Associated Rubric


  • Grade Value on a Grade Item
  • Score on Associated Rubric


  • Score on a Quiz
  • Completed Quiz Attempt
  • Score on Selected Questions
  • Score on Associated Rubric


  • Completed Survey Attempt


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