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Course Materials NOW available in Canvas

Beginning with the Summer 2019 term, D2L will no longer be used to access online course materials.  Materials will be available in the new Canvas environment.  Please login to Canvas with your NetID via the Canvas Login Page


Video Tutorial



Written Instructions

Step 1: Create an Alternate Navigation Bar


  1. Click Edit Course in the upper right corner of your screen.
  2. Click Navigation and Themes.
  3. Click the drop down arrow next to the existing "10.0-Course Default" navigation bar and select Copy
  4. A new navigation bar will appear on the list labeled, "10.0-Course Default - Copy", click the blue title to customize the tools and links.
  5. The Edit NavBar page will appear.  Under" Name", change the title of the navigation bar to something of your choosing.  If desired, add a note to the description explaining what links will be included in the new navbar.
  6. Under "Links", two lists will appear displaying what links are already present in the navbar. Below either list will have an Add Links button. Click on the Add Links button below the "Left Logo" list. 
  7. A list of tools will appear. Click the check boxes next to the tool(s) you would like to add.
  8. Click the Add button. Notice that the tool has now been added to the Link area.
  9. Drag and drop the links to reposition as desired.
  10. Click Save and Close.


Step 2: Apply the new Nav Bar to your page


  1. Click the Navbars button at the top of the screen.
  2. Under "Active Navbar", use the drop down menu and choose the Navbar you just created.  Click Apply


D2L FAQ Feedback

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Please contact d2l [at] uwosh [dot] edu

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