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What is D2L ePortfolio?

A video demonstration and main points for D2L ePortfolio.

Video Demonstration




Main Points


  • D2L ePortfolio is a program that operates in conjuction with D2L.  It allows users to create a personal portfolio where they can store, reflect on, and share items that represent learning or growth. These items can then be added to a presentation that can be used as a final project, a professional development plan, a portfolio of skills for employers, or for other purposes.
  • You access D2L ePortfolio after you log into your account on D2L. You can either click the link to ePortfolio in My Home page, on the right of the page in the student resources section, or, in any course, go in to the course and a link to ePortfolio can be found in the far right of the Navigation bar. We recommend you use the link from within the course.
  • Upon entering ePortfolio, you will see the Dashboard, this is a synopsis of the activity that has occurred in the recent past. You can modify what is shown here by clicking the Settings link on the top right of the page.
  • Artifacts are the items you gather as evidence of learning.  Artifacts can be any type of media such as, papers you have written, a certificate of achievement, letters of recommendation, photos, audio and video files, or even embed codes and links from around the web. All of these can be uploaded and added to the My Items section of D2L ePortfolio. You can access these Artifacts (the files) in D2L ePortfolio by clicking the My Items tab at the top of the page.
  • Collections aid in the organization of Artifacts.  An Artifact can be part of one or many Collections. The same Artifact could be in a collection of images, a collection for individual courses, a collection for a project, or a collection of files for future employment. Please note that putting an Artifact into a Collection does not move or copy the Artifact the collection is only an filtered view of Artifacts. So please don't delete the original Artifact.
  • Presentations are the showcase for Artifacts.  They provide a simple interface to let you create a web page which can contain Text areas or any type of Artifact such as rich media, text files, and much more.
  • Reflections act as a kind of personal blog posting or annotation where you can reflect on an Artifact, Collection, or Presentation or just capture a note. They allow you to add text or photos that illustrate how you felt about the Artifact, Collection, or Presentation.  What did you learn from the experience?  What would you do differently in the future? They can be attached to any of the items already discussed.


Please see other videos on D2L ePortfolio for more information or on specific information on adding content!

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