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How do I enable Turnitin/Grademark in a D2L Dropbox?

Instructors can enable Turnitin Plagiarism Detection and Grademark for grading assignments.

Video Instructions


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Written Instructions

  1. Click Dropbox from the Navigation.
  2. Click the New Folder button.
  3. Add a Name for the dropbox in the space provided.
  4. Click the Plagiarism Detection checkbox
  5. Set remaining dropbox options as desired.  For more information on dropbox settings, please see How do I create a dropbox in D2L?
  6. Set Originality Checking Options: 
    1. Originality Reports:  This setting is automatically set to create originality reports for the instructor, it can not be changed. 
    2. Display: Check the box to allow students to view originality reports. 
    3. Online Markup Available to Students: This setting allows instructors to decide when the Originality Report and instructor feedback can be visible to students.
    4. Frequency: Decide to automatically create an Originality Report for all submissions or have only specific submissions checked via Turnitin.
    5. Check submissions against: Choose the resources that the students' papers will be compared to.
    6. Index files for Originality Checking:  When checked, any paper submitted to the dropbox will be added to Turitin's database of student papers.
      Note: Instructor's discretion is needed based on content of assignments (i.e. students writing about patients, children, or other specific or personal content that may not be wanted in the public realm)
    7. Grammar Check Settings: Turnitin will also check grammar and other categories listed under this setting.  "Advanced" should be selected for the Handbook, and the English Dictionary allows US and UK, Only US, or Only UK.
  7. Click Save and Close to complete the Dropbox creation.



Note: If you wish to set restrictions on when the dropbox will be available for student submissions, click the restrictions tab towards the top or the screen.  This tab can be used to set date and time restrictions, release conditions, or give users special access to the dropbox.  Remember to click save to apply your restrictions. 



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