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Course Materials NOW available in Canvas

Beginning with the Summer 2019 term, D2L will no longer be used to access online course materials.  Materials will be available in the new Canvas environment.  Please login to Canvas with your NetID via the Canvas Login Page


Random Collection



How to set up a Google Chrome extension for ePortfolio by jamesm74 — last modified Sep 12, 2014 12:49 PM
This will show you how to add the extension to your Chrome browser, and how to use the extension to share directly to your ePortfolio.
How do i add a student opinion survey? by Ashley Hafemeister — last modified May 13, 2014 10:51 AM
instruction on how to add a student opinion survey (SOS ) to a D2L online course
How do I view the results of a quiz attempt? by batesa66 — last modified Nov 17, 2016 03:43 PM
After instructors have graded quiz attempts, students can access their grade and feedback from the instructor.
How Do I Embed a Flickr Video into ePortfolio? by batesa66 — last modified May 19, 2014 03:53 PM
Students can upload a video to Flickr and insert the embed code into ePortfolio in three easy main steps.
How do I view and grade students' quiz submissions? by batesa66 — last modified Oct 14, 2012 10:30 AM
Instructors can view and grade students' quiz submissions in Quizzes in a few steps.
Why can't I reply to a discussion Post? by Sarah Bradway — last modified Jun 08, 2012 01:43 PM
Details on a bug in Discussions that prevents users from replying to a discussion post. The reply may be posted with the author's name, but no text from the reply message is displayed.
Titan Files by Sarah Bradway — last modified Sep 07, 2011 02:57 PM
Calendar Possibilities, Options and Settings by batesa66 — last modified Dec 09, 2012 11:43 AM
Instructors can use the D2L Calendar for aiding student organization and well as their own. There are many unique options available within D2L's Calendar.
How do I create an event? by batesa66 — last modified Mar 26, 2014 01:14 PM
There are a few ways for instructors to create an event.
How do I import events from iCal calendar into D2L Calendar? by batesa66 — last modified Jun 29, 2012 02:43 PM
Instructors can import events from another calendar. NOTE: This only works with iCal.
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