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Course Materials NOW available in Canvas

Beginning with the Summer 2019 term, D2L will no longer be used to access online course materials.  Materials will be available in the new Canvas environment.  Please login to Canvas with your NetID via the Canvas Login Page


Upgrade to Version 10

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The following is a summary of the changes that will occur in D2L after the upgrade to v10.

Interface Changes

  • New Graphics: Don't be alarmed, you are in the right place.  We wanted to signal to our users that D2L is new and different.  We accomplished it through the use of a new banner image. 
  • Fixed Width Page: In order to improve the user's viewing experience, D2L will be moving to a 960-pixel fixed width page.  This change is requiring us to make some changes to the structure of the D2L home pages.  In other words, we may need to rearrange some of the widgets on the page and links on the navbar to accommodate the new page width. 
  • New Minibar: A minibar has been added to the top of every page, it will include links (such as My Home, Logout, Preferences, etc) that traditionally were incorporated into the navigation and various widgets.  In v. 10 they are consolidated in one central location, the result is a page that is both cleaner and easier to navigate. 
  • Cleaner Environment:  In previous versions of D2L, there were buttons, icons, and links in different areas of the page (left panel, top of the page, icons next to individual items, etc) In v.10  these commands are grouped in easy dropdown menus at the top of the page.  Once again, the overall functionality has not changed, the commands are just located in a slightly different place.

New / Updated Features

  • Course Selector: This easy dropdown will allow you to quickly move from one course to another without having to return to "My Home".  Courses in the selector can be organized by Course Name, by Last Accessed and can even be pinned so that they always appear at the top of the list.
  • Alert Icons:  These icons notify users when there are new messages or News items, when a deadline is approaching or when a discussion to which they have subscribed is added to. 
  •  Post before Reading Discussions: The ability to require students to post to a discussion topic before they are able to read classmates' posts has been on the list of feature requests for many years.  V10 finally delivers the functionality with one easy checkbox.
  • Dropbox feedback as a draft:  In previous versions, when instructors gave feedback to a dropbox submission, the student was immediately able to see that feedback.  V10 allows instructors to save feedback in draft status, they can then release feedback to the entire class at once.
  • Tighter Integration with Turnitin: V10 provides a much closer relationship between Turnitin and D2L.  Grades can now be added to Grademark and they will automatically be moved to the D2L Gradebook.   The ability to schedule a specific time to release Grademark Feedback has been added along with an automatic grammar checker.  Lastly, when Turnitin-enabled dropboxes are copied to a new course or section, Turnitin is automatically enabled on the  new dropboxes.  
  • Audio Recording Upgraded: The limit for Audio recordings (available in News, Discussions, Dropbox and submission feedback) has been increased from one minute to six minutes.  We will also enable the feature for student use in Discussions and Dropbox.  
  • Gradebook Icons:  Icons will be available in the gradebook (under each students list of grades) that will allow an instructor to jump directly to an associated quiz or dropbox.
D2L FAQ Feedback

If you have a question about D2L which we haven't answered in the Frequently Asked Questions or notice anything that is unclear please let us know and we will review the content.

Please contact d2l [at] uwosh [dot] edu

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