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How do I link a Discussion topic to a Content item?

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Instructors can link a discussion topic to a content item, allowing students to view the content and then go directly to the discussion topic.


Linking a content item to a discussion topic brings a "DISCUSS" button to the content item that is being viewed. This should only be done if instructors have a content item that should be looked at and then discussed online. (i.e. Having a PDF reading assignment in Content that requires summary, thoughts, or questions to be posted in D2L Discussions.) 

Video Tutorial

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Written Instructions

  1. From the Navigation bar, click Content.
  2. Click Add, then click on the desired type of file to be created. 
  3. Give the file a name, and add the desired content/file.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Discussions at the top of the page. Discussions tab
  6. Under "Topic Discussion", use the drop down arrow to select the desired discussion. Drop down to link to discussions
  7. Click Save and Close.
  8. Verify that the content item has been linked to discussions by clicking on the new content. This button should be there:Discussion button


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