Cybersecurity Center

of Excellence

Cybersecurity Center Volunteer Submission

The Cybersecurity Center of Excellence is looking for volunteers to assist with the Center’s operations.  All volunteers will be subject to background checks and vetting by UW Oshkosh and WICTRA.  Volunteers may help by:

  • Being a “Cyber Lifeguard” – assisting drop-in users with their activities and ensuring that they are working safely
  • Assisting small businesses with pro bono work on emergency cybersecurity needs (e.g. ransomware attacks)
  • Speaking to special events at the CCoE about their cybersecurity experiences

I am available on these days
Example: Mondays - from 1-2p.m.


Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

UW Oshkosh in partnership with Wisconsin Cyber Threat Response Alliance
625 Pearl Avenue | Oshkosh, WI 54901
Hours: By Appointment