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The decision to report belongs to the Survivor.

That being said...there are a few important pieces of information a survivor should have about the different reporting options.

  • Under Title IX (a federal law), a university has the obligation to investigate reports of sexual violence. This means if UWO becomes aware of an incident of sexual assault, they MUST investigate.
    • The survivor can choose whether or not to cooperate with that investigation. To understand more about your rights with the University investigative process, contact the Campus Victim Advocate (920) 424-2061.
    • This process through the university is completely separate from the legal system, a legal investigation does not relieve the university of its duty to respond to incidents of sexual assault.
    • The University disciplinary process does not use the same procedures, burdens of proof, or rules of evidence as the legal systems. To understand more about the University disciplinary process, click here.

  • Once a police report is filed with law enforcement, the rest of the investigative and charging decisions are in the hands of the State. The district attorney assigned to the case will be the one making any charging decisions, although many attorneys will respect the victim's wishes.
    • The decision to file a police report can be a difficult one, the Campus Victim Advocate is here to discuss your options and rights as a victim of a crime and will support any decisions you make.
    • To learn more about The Criminal Justice System, click here.
Local Hotlines

24-Hr Sexual Assault Hotline
(920) 722-8150
24-Hr Domestic Abuse Hotline
(920) 235-5998

Contact Information
Name: Ciara Hill
Phone: (920) 424-0267
Hours: M-F: 8:30am-4:30pm
Office: Student Success Center, Room 231

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