Our Offices

The Center for Student Success and Belonging (CSSB) aims to serve the diverse and dynamic needs of the UW Oshkosh student body. CSSB has three physical spaces, including the Campus Center for Equity and Diversity (Oshkosh), the Student Engagement Center (Fox Cities Campus), and the Multicultural Education Center (Oshkosh).

First Scholars

The First Scholars Program supports first-generation college students and enhances their ability to successfully graduate. The program is open to all UWO undergraduate students whose parents did not attend college.

Student Engagement Center, Fox Cities Campus

The Student Engagement Center is a physical space unique to the Fox Cities campus where students and staff are invited to co-create an inclusive community.

LGBTQ+ Resource Center

The LGBTQ+ Resource Center works to make UW Oshkosh a more inclusive environment through education, advocacy and support to foster the academic success and personal growth of students, faculty and staff of all genders and sexualities on campus.

Multicultural Education Center

The Multicultural Education Center (MEC) is a unique place on campus that has evolved into a multipurpose resource center that seeks to bring people together to promote and celebrate diversity on campus, in the greater Oshkosh area, and in extended communities. MEC sponsors enrichment programs and activities designed to increase the level of understanding and appreciation for cultural diversity throughout the community.

Multicultural Retention Programs

Multicultural Retention Programs (MRP) is dedicated to the academic success of diverse students through support services, collaborations and high-impact programs that lead to greater student independence, academic achievement, personal development and lifelong learning.

TRIO Student Support Services

TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) / SSS STEM helps first-generation college students and students from limited-income families to maximize their potential and achieve their educational goals. TRIO SSS/SSS STEM offers the academic advising, guidance and positive support necessary to be successful in college.

Women's Center

The Women’s Center exists to serve students, staff, faculty and community members. The Women’s Center hosts educational programs to address a variety of gender and social issues and provides resources for women and gender minorities.