CSSB Services

The Center for Student Success and Belonging (CSSB) is dedicated to the academic growth and personal development of UW Oshkosh structurally and culturally excluded populations including, but not limited to first-generation, low-income, racial/ethnic groups that have historically been disadvantaged in higher education, women, and LGBTQ+ students. CSSB aims to empower and inform students, faculty, staff, and the broader community to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive campus climate through outreach initiatives, educational programming, leadership opportunities, and multicultural events. CSSB is committed to helping students achieve their fullest potential and preparing them for leadership through education, social activities and experiences that embrace, affirm and transform every student with respect for their unique backgrounds. The following provides an overview of the services offers:

  • Academic guidance and coaching is provided to help students find career opportunities, scholarships, internships and grants, financial aid and financial literacy information, and assistance applying to graduate school. Staff can also help resolve concerns with transitioning from high school to college, transferring from another university or returning as a nontraditional student.  Staff will provide student education, advocacy, and support.
  • Multicultural advising and guidance is an important part of your college experience. Our multicultural advisors can help you to explore academic and career goals, select classes for major exploration and degree completion, and provide mentorships to help you succeed.  The use of academic tracking helps the advisors to assist in the retention of students and keeping students on track for graduation.
  • Educational forums/seminars/workshops are offered to lead students to greater independence, academic achievement, personal development, and lifelong learning. There are first-year student workshops, professional and leadership development/training; personal, career and financial aid assistance.
  • Mentoring and referrals to other departments are provided by the multicultural advisors who have the answers to your questions and can connect students to the many campus resources UW Oshkosh offers including referral to other academic and student support services including tutoring, writing, and math.
  • Organizations both on/off campus are engaged by staff members who work closely with faculty, staff, academic departments and other campus and community partners to provide services for students by…
    • Ensuring that students’ needs are accurately assessed and aggressively addressed,
    • Providing academic support and/or referring students to other campus resources and
    • Maintaining a supportive learning and nurturing environment for all students.
  • Cultural, educational, and social programs and activities aid in educating the campus and community on issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. These programs help students grow academically, foster a greater sense of belonging, improving cross-cultural relations and a greater cultural appreciation, and social connections so they can be successful.