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Double-Major in Criminal Justice & Sociology

By declaring this innovative double-major, you will:

β€’ Complete two great academic programs in as little as 60 credits! Work with your departmental advisors to take advantage of the streamlined curriculum.

β€’ Learn from sociologists, criminologists, and criminal justice professionals about criminal justice systems, and disparities, and inequalities within them, to dig into why things are the way they are and how we can improve them.

β€’ Take core courses – including Introductory Criminal Law, Criminology Theory, Foundations of Sociology, Police in Modern Society, Social Research and Sociology Theory – and fascinating electives – such as Organized Crime, Sociology of Race & Ethnicity, Women and Crime, and Criminology – in both departments.

β€’ Complete your own senior research project, experience supportive and community-oriented environments, and have access to outstanding internship opportunities that will help you develop diverse and tangible skills, broaden your social network, be more civically engaged, and make yourself stand out in the labor market or on your grad school applications, on your way to an exciting and impactful career.

Learn More:

Criminal Justice Department:

Chris Rose, Ph.D., Chair πŸ“§ : ☎️ : (920) 424-0860. 🌐

Sociology Department:

Paul Van Auken, Ph.D., Chair πŸ“§Β 🌐Β